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2 Types Of Professional Carpet Cleaning – Sioux Falls

Everyone wants a clean carpet in their home. But sometimes, a standard vacuum just doesn't do the job. There is a big difference between commercial cleaning services and an at-home attempt, and the resu

lt shows the amount of dirt and bacteria collected from the carpet. As a service that provides carpet cleaning to Sioux Falls residents, we see it repeatedly.

This article will explain how your carpet gets so dirty and the five methods we regularly use to make sure it's as clean as a whistle.

How do carpets get so dirty?

Vacuuming alone is not enough to keep your carpet clean. Twisted fibers manage to trap more pet hair, human hair, dirt, and bugs, and a household vacuum isn't powerful enough to remove them. Carpet cleaning Sioux Falls can help.

A lot comes down to the suction power, and a household vacuum doesn't have enough suction to remove debris deep inside the carpet. Carpet cleaners use a range of tools and cleaning devices.

2 different types of professional carpet cleaning services

Whether upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls, a professional cleaning company offers a range of services to choose from. Each one depends on the scale of the job and the result you are hoping for – while considering the price you are willing to pay.

We go through five of the most common carpet cleaning services and how they could help transform your carpet.

1. Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction

Despite what you may hear from steam cleaners, this isn’t the best carpet cleaning option. The water isn’t hot enough to kill bacteria and microbes, and can actually drive soil deeper into carpet fibers instead of cleaning it! It leaves carpets damp and musty, unusable until they completely dry—which can take anywhere from 4-24 hours depending on the carpet fiber type!

Bonnet Cleaning is the Very Best

There’s a reason we prefer Bonnet carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls, SD—it’s the most effective and economical! We use non-residual cleaners that dry quickly (< 2 hours) and are safe for kids, pets and the environment. Bonnet cleaning is extremely effective for stains and odors, neutralizing both. The results last longer because the clean runs deeper.

Bonnet cleaning and Orbital pad cleaning have recently been rated by the Carpet and Rug Institute as deep cleaning systems.

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