Carpet Stain Removal: How To Remove Stains Before Calling A Pro

Accidents happen, and if you have children or pets, you’re even more likely to need the help of a great stain remover. Carpeted floors are great to walk on, but hard to keep clean. Whether you’ve spilled red wine on a light-colored floor or your pets are expressing disapproval that you’re busy at work, knowing how to spot-treat your carpet will help bridge the gap between professional cleanings.

Here’s a handy guide to cleaning up most stains—and when you need professional carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls, SD, be sure to call the experts at Eco Fresh Carpet Cleaning:

  • Catch it quickly: The faster you start treating the stain, the better results you’ll get. Grab some clean towels or paper towels to absorb the mess.

  • Blot the stain: Using your towels or paper towels, blot the stain as much as possible—don’t rub it in, and don’t use liquids like water or spread it around further.

  • Test your stain removal products: If you’re using a new stain removal product, test it in a discreet area first—such as inside a closet or in a corner—to make sure the product doesn’t bleach your carpet.

  • Apply stain remover: Next, apply the stain remover to a terry cloth towel and start rubbing the stain, working from the outside in, in order to avoid making it larger. Try not to over-brush, either, as that can cause a frizzy effect.

  • Rinse: After you’ve cleaned the stain, rinse with clear, cool water. Then immediately blot up as much water as possible with another clean, dry towel.

  • Remove excess moisture: If your carpet is still soaked, even after blotting, get a stack of clean and dry towels, place them over the stain and weight them down with books or other heavy objects. Leave in place for an hour or two, then check to ensure most of the water has been soaked up by the towels.

Of course, if you’ve spilled coffee or red wine or have other hard-to-clean stains, you may need to either invest in a specialty product or call a professional for assistance. Some stains might be permanent, but don’t give up before you call us.

Pet stains are also difficult to remove—especially the smell—but there are enzymatic cleaners that destroy odor-causing bacteria and other substances so that your carpet will look, feel and smell fresh again. Otherwise, you can try a simple solution of vinegar and water. Again, for best results, make sure to test all products before applying them to an obvious stain.

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Eco Fresh Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to ensuring that your carpets look as good as new, using our six-step environmentally-friendly cleaning process. We also clean area rugs and mattresses and can sanitize your leather and upholstered furniture. Best of all, our low-moisture method means that your carpets will be dry in as little as two hours. Call us today to schedule your next carpet cleaning. We look forward to assisting you.

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