How Do I Keep Red Wine Spills From Staining?

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

There’s nothing like a glass of red wine at the end of a long day. You decide to disconnect from your email and text messages, turn on some mellow music and unwind with some wine. Then, one of the kids or pets accidentally knocks over your glass, upending the serene setting where you’re trying to relax. Reddish-purple blotches mar your clean carpet, and suddenly, you’re stressed again.

Fortunately, when it comes to carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls, SD, it’s easier to get rid of wine stains than you might imagine.

Home remedies for red wine spills

Okay. You, your partner, a child or a pet knocked over a glass of red wine. It happens. Wine stains left untreated for days, weeks or longer require professional carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls, SD. However, there are some everyday household items that might get the job done if you act fast. The real trick with wine stains is treating them as soon as the spill occurs:

  • Club soda: Use a clean, dry cloth to blot the stain. Pour club soda on to the stain and blot again. Repeat this process until you’ve removed the stain.

  • White vinegar and dish soap: Again, blot the stain with a dry, clean rag. Combine one tablespoon of dish soap, one tablespoon of white vinegar and two cups of warm water. With a clean, dry and white cloth, blot the stain after applying the solution. The white cloth is critical, because the dye on any rags or towels with color might transfer to your carpet while blotting out the red wine stain.

  • Hydrogen peroxide: If you do not have club soda or white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide is a decent last resort. Begin by blotting the stain with a dry, clean cloth. Mix two parts hydrogen peroxide to one part dish soap. Test the solution on a small part of the carpet to see if it discolors it at all. If not, apply the solution to the stain and blot.

Note that blotting, and not scrubbing, is the recommended method for physically handling the stain. Hard scrubbing could further set the stain in your carpet fibers, making it nearly impossible to remove it.

Available products and cleaning services

For those who enjoy red wine but find themselves with butterfingers, having a red wine removal solution on hand never hurts. Products like Wine Away and Chateau Spill serve to remove wine stains from numerous surfaces.

For those with stubborn red wine stains that refuse to submit to homemade and store-bought solutions, you’ll want to get in touch with a company that offers carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls, SD. A professional carpet cleaner has the tools and solutions needed to remove the most challenging stains.

Here at Eco Fresh Carpet Cleaning, we use the highest-grade equipment along with environmentally-friendly products to clean your carpet and remove any stains. Our clear, upfront pricing ensures you know what you’re getting when we show up. We also provide a guarantee and return to your house if you’re not happy with our services. Book an appointment with us today!

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