How Do I Treat My Carpet For Pet Odors?

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

People consider pets part of their families. Dogs, cats and other creatures share our homes and hearts. But what happens when Fido or Fluffy has an accident indoors on the carpeting? In most cases, professional carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls, SD is your best bet for eliminating lingering pet odors.

Cleaning solutions for your carpet

There are numerous products available that claim to eliminate odors and stains left behind by misbehaving pets. Depending on the extent of the issue, you could either call the experts for professional carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls, SD, or handle the mess yourself. Either way, it’s essential to address urine spots as soon as possible to minimize damage to your carpet and sub floor.

If your four-legged friend only had one small mishap on the carpeting in your home, try addressing the odor with a combination of one part white vinegar mixed with one part water. Pour this mixture into a clean spray bottle and apply it to the affected area. Yes, your home might smell like pickles for a bit, but before too long, the vinegar solution should neutralize any unwanted scents.

Sometimes a DIY remedy doesn’t have what’s required to really knock out a strong pet odor. You’ll want to purchase an enzyme-based pet odor remover, usually available online, at the grocery store or a local pet supply shop. You want to saturate the soiled area, making sure the solution gets into the carpet pad. Use a hard surface, like a piece of cardboard or the lid of a plastic tub, to cover the spot and allow the cleaner to dry.

Long-term odor control

While having pets in the home provides comfort, these animals tend to leave their natural body odors on your carpeting, furniture and linens. An excellent method for freshening up a room is sprinkling baking soda on the carpet, allowing it to sit for 10 minutes and then vacuuming it. This seems like a small effort, but it makes a significant impact on the aroma within your home.

When the odor remains

Carpet exposed to pet urine for long periods without treatment usually needs replacement. Many times, when people buy a home, they’ll discover a room or two where the previous owners let the pets go about their business without addressing the problem. In these instances, you’ll need to invest in new flooring or carpet.

Despite your efforts to remove the odor yourself, sometimes the problem requires the experienced hand of a professional. The services provided by a highly-rated, local carpet cleaning business should be enough to eliminate the pungent smells caused by your dog or cat. We recommend mentioning your concerns about pet odors when you schedule an appointment to have your carpets cleaned.

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