Killing Fleas: 4 Tips For Carpet Cleaning, Sioux Falls

You want upholstery cleaning, or you want your carpet looking brand new, but dirt is not the problem – fleas are. Whether you have a pet living in your home or one came to visit for a day, fleas can make their way into carpet, furniture, curtains, and your bed. Carpet cleaning Sioux Falls has a solution to that.

The big question is, does carpet cleaning kill fleas? And if so, what is the process?

The problem is more common than you think and many of our customers ask this exact question. This article will outline what you need to do if you find fleas in your home.

Will carpet cleaning kill fleas?

The short answer is yes. However, while carpet cleaning does kill fleas, it won’t solve a flea infestation problem altogether. Carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls uses a high-temperature steam cleaner that would instantly kill any flea and remove any eggs hidden in the carpet. However, fleas don’t only live on the carpet. They could be

in your bed, wardrobe, and on your pet.

Fleas love moisture

To eliminate the fleas altogether, you will need to remove the moisture from your home.

A moist and warm environment is like heaven for all the fleas, and homes with swamp coolers struggle with fleas due to the extra moisture in the air.

4 tips to remove fleas from your home

1. Kill fleas on your pets first

Before you do anything else, you want to get the source of the fleas. Hiring a service for carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls will be useless unless you kill the fleas on your pet first.

Treat your pets for fleas and eggs with a medicated shampoo, topical medication, flea collar, or body powder.

2. Wash and vacuum

Wash and vacuum everything! This includes pet beds, curtains, and upholstery cushion covers. Consider hiring an upholstery cleaning service and carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls. They will know the best approach when it comes to fleas.

When washing, use hot water and heat from the dryer. This is enough to kill the fleas and eggs. Also, remember if you are doing any vacuuming yourself that they are still alive when you suck up the fleas and eggs. Remember to empty the bag somewhere away from your home.

3. Repeat the process

If you are not thorough, then flea eggs could be left behind. They will hatch in a couple of days, so you should repeat the process. Fleas can also remain dormant for up to a year in the right conditions so re-treat your pet too. And remember to throw away the vacuum bag straight after vacuuming.

4. What to do for a severe flea infestation

If you feel you have a major infestation, you should hire pesticide control. They will often use intense chemicals within your home to rid the place of fleas. It works, but it can leave your home with an interesting smell. It could be a good idea to get carpet cleaning in Sioux Falls to assist following the flea removal – to ensure your carpet is looking and feeling great.

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