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Tackling Stubborn Commercial Carpet Spots

Remove Stubborn Carpet Spots with Commercial Cleaning

TL;DR: Keeping commercial carpets clean is crucial for a positive first impression and reflects business values. However, tough stains like ink, gum, coffee spills, oil, and mud can be challenging to remove. Professional cleaning offers benefits such as prolonging carpet lifespan, improving hygiene, and cost-efficiency compared to replacement. Professional methods involve assessing stains, preparing the area, and employing techniques like steam cleaning, dry cleaning, encapsulation, and spot treatment. Protective measures such as carpet protectors and deodorizers ensure a fresh and sanitized result. Ecofresh Carpet Cleaning in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, offers a 6-step cleaning method with eco-friendly solutions, quick drying, and efficient service.


When a client enters a business, they first notice the atmosphere. A clean, welcoming environment leaves a positive impression and speaks volumes about the company’s standards. That is why keeping every corner of the commercial carpets spotless becomes not just about aesthetics but a reflection of your business values.

And let’s face it, in commercial settings, your carpets go through a lot and bear the burden of daily foot traffic. But cleaning commercial carpets is tricky. Stains from coffee spills, mud, and ink can quickly turn your carpet from classy to messy. Removing these stubborn spots isn’t always easy. Regular vacuuming or spot cleaning might not cut it, leaving you frustrated and the carpets less appealing.

This article will share professional advice on tackling tough carpet spots with commercial cleaning. With the right approach and tools, you can maintain your carpets’ aesthetic and hygiene standards, ensuring your business always looks its best.

Types of Stubborn Spots in Commercial Carpets

In a commercial setting, you’re bound to run into many stubborn spots that seem to resist every attempt at cleaning. These spills and stains may also seem particularly resistant to regular cleaning efforts. Some of the most common blemishes on commercial carpeting are:

  • Ink stains: From a leaky pen or an office mishap, ink can embed itself deep into carpet fibers, making it a nightmare to remove. It can even permanently dye the fibers if you don’t clean it right away.
  • Gum: When pressed into the carpet, it sticks and hardens over time. It coats the fibers, effectively becoming part of the carpet itself.
  • Coffee and tea spills: Given the high volume of foot traffic in commercial spaces, these spills are almost inevitable. However, the tannins in these beverages can cause discoloration that’s tough to remove. Tannins are useful for fabric dying, so they can permanently stain carpet fibers.
  • Oil and grease stains: Kitchens, garages, and industrial areas are particularly prone to these stains. Their slick and oily nature means they spread easily, seeping deep into carpet fibers where typical cleaning solutions barely make a dent.
  • Mud: While cleaning mud may seem simple, it can be deceptively complex. Once it dries and gets ground into the carpet by daily foot traffic, it clings to the fibers and hides deep within the pile.

Why These Spots Are Challenging

Commercial carpets must withstand much more wear and tear than regular carpeting or decorative rugs. They are made from more rigid, resilient materials, making them more challenging to clean with regular methods. The pile density of commercial carpets is around 4200 to 8000 per square inch, which is why it’s hard to extract dirt that’s penetrated too deep.

The high foot traffic in commercial areas also adds to the problem. More feet mean more opportunities for staining, and the stains that do occur get spread wider. While the dense material composition of commercial carpets is excellent for durability, it also means stains have more crevices to hide in and more fiber to cling to.

The Benefits of Professional Spot Removal

If you decide on tackling tough carpet spots with commercial cleaning, you might be surprised at how much you stand to gain. Professional carpet cleaning services can do much more for commercial carpets than regular vacuuming or spot cleaning can achieve, including:

  • Longer carpet lifespan: This level of deep cleaning can extend the life of a commercial carpet. Accumulated dirt, debris, and stains can wear down the carpet’s fibers. By removing them, professional cleaners can bring back the carpet’s aesthetic appeal and prevent premature wear and tear.
  • Improved hygiene: Commercial carpets act like filters, trapping dust, allergens, and bacteria. Without proper cleaning, this can turn them into the ideal place for germs to multiply. A professional cleaning removes these contaminants, keeping your space healthier and smelling fresh.
  • Cost-efficiency: From a financial standpoint, professional spot removal is a wise investment. The average cost of replacing commercial carpeting runs around $5.00 to $9.50 per square foot. While you might consider it an extra up-front expense, it saves you money by delaying the need for total replacement.

The Professional Cleaning Method

What makes professional carpet cleaning the best way to maintain commercial carpets is its comprehensive approach. It’s a multi-stage process that addresses everything from the type of stain to the carpet material itself. Let’s go over the steps involved in professional carpet cleaning and see what each one includes:

Assessing the Spot

An initial assessment will familiarize the cleaning crew with the carpet and its blemishes. A coffee spill requires a different approach than an ink or grease stain. Professionals take the time to identify the type of stain so they choose the right cleaning solution and technique. They also need to identify the carpet’s material. Fibers from various materials react differently to cleaning agents and methods, but the pros can pick a solution that doesn’t damage the carpet. 

Preparing the Area

Before they begin the cleaning process, the professionals will clear out the space. That means moving furniture and other obstacles so the entire area is accessible. After that, they vacuum around the spot to remove bigger dirt particles. That ensures that the cleaning agents can penetrate deeply into the fibers without being hindered by loose debris.

Professional Cleaning Techniques

After they know what they’re dealing with and the area is ready for cleaning, the technicians will use one or more techniques to deep-clean the carpets. Depending on the level of damage and what the clients want, they can opt for:

  • Steam cleaning: This method injects hot water and cleaning agents deep into the carpet fibers and then extracts them along with the dislodged dirt. It’s useful for deep cleaning of heavily soiled areas.
  • Dry Cleaning: This method uses minimal moisture and relies on specialized compounds that attract dirt and grime, making them easy to remove. It’s ideal for maintenance cleaning and quick turnarounds.
  • Encapsulation: This low-moisture cleaning option traps dirt within a polymer and makes it easy to vacuum away once dry. It’s great for commercial settings due to its efficiency and minimal downtime.
  • Spot Treatment: This involves using professional-grade cleaning agents and techniques designed for particular spots. Whether it’s a toner spill or a muddy footprint, there’s a targeted solution.

Protective Measures

As the last step, professional cleaners use solutions to protect and deodorize the carpet. Carpet protectors protect the fabrics, giving you more time to clean up spills before they set. Deodorizers tackle any lingering smells, ensuring your space smells as fresh as it looks.

Find Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Professional cleaning methods are great for tackling tough carpet spots. The techniques and equipment that professionals use can deal with commercial-grade materials and penetrate deep into the fibers. They thoroughly clean and sanitize the carpets, leaving them looking as good as the day you installed them.

When you’re ready to give your commercial carpets a facelift, Ecofresh Carpet Cleaning in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, can make it happen. We use a proprietary 6-step cleaning method and eco-friendly cleaning solutions safe for indoor use. Our specialized oxidizing formula sanitizes the carpet and leaves it smelling fresh.

Our team is thorough and efficient, and the drying process only takes 2 hours, so you’ll be back in business in no time. We are available at any time of day, so call us, and we’ll be there to scrub the dirt away.

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